Steve Brown is a National Yo-Yo Master, the creator of counterweight style, and one of the most influential players in the history of yo-yo play.

For the past 16 years, Steve has pushed the boundaries of yo-yo play and been one of a handful of industry leaders who have shaped modern yo-yoing. Starting off as a demonstrator for a small kite store in Florida and moving up to Marketing & Promotions Coordinator for Duncan Toys, Steve has toured more than 15 countries promoting the art and sport of yo-yo play. He’s been featured on television, in magazines and comics, and on yo-yo packaging worldwide.

Now a member of YoYo Factory’s elite Contest Team, Steve continues to promote yo-yo play as a performer, co-founder of the Cleveland Yo-Yo Club, and one of the founders and organizers of the Triple Crown of Yo-Yo…the first yo-yo event series of its kind in the world. His latest projects are, where he’s been creating, filming, and uploading one new trick a day since January 1st; and the Steve Brown Gallery where he sells original paintings and Artist Edition Yo-Yos created by the rising stars of the pop surrealist and lowbrow art scene.

Images are courtesy of mr. Steve Brown himself and