PhotoGallery from YYMČR:2011

Photo gallery from Czech Yoyo Nationals 2011. Pictures are a courtesy of CYA o.s. and they’re taken by PixelPromos Pavel Klus. Thank you!

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Czech Yoyo Nationals 2011 results

Before we input all of the results manualy you can look at them here:

X divize:
5A Counterweight divize:
1A International open divize:
1A Elite CZ divize:

Czech National Yoyo Champion for 2011 is – Tomáš Bubák. Congratulations!

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The live stream from Czech Yoyo Nationals 2011 will be available here on Saturday, 1st of October from 10:00 am Central Europe Time (CET). That’s 4:00 am in New York, 15:00 in Bangkok, 16:00 in Beijing 17:00 in Tokyo and 18:00 in Sydney.

Streaming live video by Ustream

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Raffle and some other info

Traditionally there is going to be a raffle this year, some of the prizes are: C3 Yoyo Design Di Base, YoyoFactory 888 & G5, Duncan Raptor, AeroYo Agent, many plastic yo-yos, tshirts, stickers, accessories and many other stuff. The tickets can be purchased at the entrance or at Czech Yoyo Association booth. One is going to cost you 30,-CZK and remember – the more of them you buy, the bigger chance there is to win!

In other news, the registration is over and the final, approximate number is that we have over 100 competitors in all 7 divisions. The Elite and Open category are especially packed with European superstars so there’s definitely going to be a lot to watch! We would also like to kindly remind you that you have a last chance to book your place in Hostel Elf – make sure you do so, you don’t want to spend the night outside in the cold, do you? If you are in Prague already, come to Prague yoyo session (park Podvinni, 17:00) our guest, Steve Brown, will be present!

If you’re planning to show up on the event – we’re looking forward to your performance or visit. Theatre Ponec – 9AM!

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Last day for cheaper registration + Hostel reminder

There’s just 14 days left to the Czech Yoyo Nationals 2011 and with that in mind we would like to remind you that the deadline for cheaper registration is tomorrow, midnight. So do not wait another minute and submit your entry through our web form until 20th of September 23:59. Also we would like to kindly remind you that if you want to stay for more than one day in Prague there’s an option to book yourself into a nearby hostel Elf. There’s a special discount for yoyo players – don’t miss the chance to stay in a building full of international yoyo players!

We’re also being frequently asked if there’re going to be any booths of yoyo retailers. As usuall there’s going to be a place to purchase everything that yoyo player needs, this year we have the following retailers confirmed: Czech Yoyo Association, Projekt Jupiter, and

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The logo is finally ready…

The logotype of the whole event is finally ready! It was designed by “Lenka & Přemek” and the finishing touches were added by Brt. We are very great full to all parties who cooperated in this process.

Note: the final tshirt design will be with the letters “YOYO MISTROVSTVÍ ČESKÉ REPUBLIKY”.

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Afterparty will be at… Seven Wolves!

After every event (especially in our field) there’s a need to evaluate, blame the judges, celebrate the victory and wash down the failure. This year, all this can be done in a nearby bar “Sedm Vlků” from 9pm. It is located in a nearby surronoundings in “Vlkova 7, Prague 3″. After many past events we know that proper directions are needed for some of the attendees so click this LINK if you don’t want to get lost. Go up, take a right, take another right, take a left, go up, take a left, down the pub.

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Guest section updated and registration opens

After a long weekend when we watched the World Yoyo Contest coverage we managed to update the Guest section. This years guest will be no-one less than the legendary Steve Brown. If you have no idea who he is, take a look at this.

This leaves us with a problem for next year event because it’s going to be a real struggle to find someone more famous. But who knows, maybe we’ll figure something out.

Next thing we would like to share is that the registration is now fully open! The form can be found here and you can register online until the 28th of September. Although we strongly recommend registering and submitting your music sooner (first deadline is 10th of September, second is 20th of September) because you’ll save some considerable amount of money by doing that.

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1st of October…

…is the date of Czech Yoyo Nationals 2011. Czech Yoyo Association and it’s team (Jan Kordovsky, Ondrej Sedivy, Tomas Bubak, Josefina Nesporova and Zdenek Hybl) are already working real hard on the whole event and they’re determined to make it even better than last time.

So far it seems that it’s all going to work out. Only that this years guest will be the legendary Steve Brown is reason in itself to participate in this event. There’re some minor changes in the rules but they’re not concerning the international 1A Open division so you don’t need to know more about them. The things you need to know: the registration will be open soon & you should book the hostel as soon as possible. There’s more info to come so stay tuned and see you in October.

For the organization team: Jan “Korda” Kordovský

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