Raffle and some other info

Traditionally there is going to be a raffle this year, some of the prizes are: C3 Yoyo Design Di Base, YoyoFactory 888 & G5, Duncan Raptor, AeroYo Agent, many plastic yo-yos, tshirts, stickers, accessories and many other stuff. The tickets can be purchased at the entrance or at Czech Yoyo Association booth. One is going to cost you 30,-CZK and remember – the more of them you buy, the bigger chance there is to win!

In other news, the registration is over and the final, approximate number is that we have over 100 competitors in all 7 divisions. The Elite and Open category are especially packed with European superstars so there’s definitely going to be a lot to watch! We would also like to kindly remind you that you have a last chance to book your place in Hostel Elf – make sure you do so, you don’t want to spend the night outside in the cold, do you? If you are in Prague already, come to Prague yoyo session (park Podvinni, 17:00) our guest, Steve Brown, will be present!

If you’re planning to show up on the event – we’re looking forward to your performance or visit. Theatre Ponec – 9AM!