1st of October…

…is the date of Czech Yoyo Nationals 2011. Czech Yoyo Association and it’s team (Jan Kordovsky, Ondrej Sedivy, Tomas Bubak, Josefina Nesporova and Zdenek Hybl) are already working real hard on the whole event and they’re determined to make it even better than last time.

So far it seems that it’s all going to work out. Only that this years guest will be the legendary Steve Brown is reason in itself to participate in this event. There’re some minor changes in the rules but they’re not concerning the international 1A Open division so you don’t need to know more about them. The things you need to know: the registration will be open soon & you should book the hostel as soon as possible. There’s more info to come so stay tuned and see you in October.

For the organization team: Jan “Korda” Kordovský